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“Why” You Do What You Do

What makes you do what you do?

Eventually, most of us find ourselves wondering how we ended up “here” in our lives. At some point, we want more. Life is rarely what we expect it to be. Why does that happen to so many people? Have you ever gotten exactly what/where you wanted to be but found something was still missing? You worked hard to accomplish something you’d wanted for a long time but somehow it doesn’t fill you with inspiration and contentment. Here’s how to avoid that.

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According to a poll conducted by ABC News, only 35% of Americans have made specific preparations or retirement. Most of us only have a vague plan laid out for our future. Life “happens” to us and we end up getting bounced around and, most of the time, we don’t accidentally end up exactly where we want to be. Before we can make a plan, we each need to determine “why” we want what we want. When we know why we are happy, our plans are inspired. Think of a time when you were truly happy. What was it that made you feel that way? Not the physical things, but the deeper reason. When we buy a house for the first time, the house doesn’t make us happy, it’s all the great things we can look forward to because of the house. The freedom that comes with home ownership for instance.

Of all the concepts discussed in this blog, our “Why Factor” is the most important element for long-term success. I learned this concept from a sales manager I worked for years ago. His name is Jared, and, although I’ve lost contact with him since, I have not forgotten his valuable lessons.

We have all known people who have great ideas but never actually implement any of them; they’re obsessed but they don’t ever actually do it. They seem to know everything about it. They have what they need but they always have some reason why they can’t start. If that same individual applied the concept of “why factor” to their already well developed plan, they would either be forced to take action toward their plan, or to abandon the plan and formulate an actionable one immediately. The idea of a why factor forces us to take action. If you are having trouble getting motivated to take action towards your plan, this is the concept you should work on primarily. Your “Why Factor” is where your hidden power is stored.

Inspiration: Discover The Life You Really Want

When challenges arise, a strong “Why Factor” will drive us to come up with “Inspired” solutions. When others are ready to quit, you get inspired. Desires, emotions, needs, experiences, and relationships all create their own space in our minds. It’s difficult to put it all together and come up with a coherent answer as to why we act the way we do. Somewhere in the stores of our minds exists our source of energy, motivation, and brilliance. Your value to the world lies within. To determine why, think about the concepts written above.

Is it your ultimate goal to have a family and live a “normal” life? You might say that but would you really be happy with a normal life and a family if you got it. It takes over 20 years to raise a family. Most people don’t know how they’re going to feel tomorrow, nevermind 20 years from now. Your plans will require you to change and grow as a person. If not, you are doomed to abandon them. We all must experience constant change to create a better life for ourselves. Our “Why Factor” is hardwired. It won’t change with the circumstances. Discovering it is the key to figuring out what will bring us happiness long term.

The best way to create a plan is to start at the end. What is your ultimate goal? What is your “Why Factor”? You may be on this website because you want to quit your job and replace the paychecks with income from a business you own. You will need a truly inspired idea for how to do that. How can you generate money without working your life away. Let’s say you want to make $70,000 a year, then your goal could be stated as follows: “My goal is to generate $70,000 per year with an income from my own business.” With a clearly stated goal in mind, we can work backwards from there. In that statement, the why factor may be the business, not the money, but it will mean something different to everyone.

Determine “Why Factor” And State It Clearly In Writing.

Understanding why you want to accomplish a goal not only clarifies your purpose, it helps you focus on important tasks. It will also keep you motivated when it becomes difficult to continue working towards your goal. The second step to creating your ultimate plan is determining what the goal is. Read what you wrote for your “Why Factor”. Does the reason why you’re doing what you’re doing, match up with what you’re actually going to do? In other words, if you successfully reach your goal, will you be happy?

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Why you do what you do is a very important determination. If your goal and your “why factor” do not lineup, you may not know what you really want, or you may spend a lot of time working for something that will never make you happy. Make sure that if you are successful at your goal, you will get what you want. There are plenty of stories about rich people who achieve their financial dreams but find themselves feeling empty, in spite of their success.

I’m not suggesting that millions of dollars will make you sad. I am suggesting that if you want to raise a family in a quiet home in the country, you don’t need millions of dollars. Determine what you actually want. You need to have a very strong reason why you want to accomplish your goals. Success at anything inevitably comes with challenges. To get through those challenges, you should think about reason why you are doing what you are doing. When things seem hopeless, your family and friends will tell you to quit and do something else. Only you will be able to see the value of your efforts, and only if you have a clearly defined, and strong “Why Factor.

Uncover Your Inspired Plan

Our lives and our minds are shaped by our experiences. Make sure your experiences are going to give you what you really want and shape you into the person that you want to be. Your “Why Factor” can be identified by using simple self examination. If you want to talk to someone about this concept, we are here for you. A one-on-one consultation about how to discover your “Why Factor” is a phone call away. Together we can learn what really motivates you. Discover your true desires and motivations. If you think we can help you, call or email us any time.

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