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The Pros and Cons of Selling on Multiple E-commerce Platforms

The Pros and Cons of Selling on Multiple E-commerce Platforms

  1. Low Cost
  2. Mobile-Friendly Management
  3. SEO Monitoring Services
  4. High Potential Income
  5. Showcase Best Sellers
  6. Sell Internationally
  7. Personalization
  8. Easy To Retarget To Customers
  9. Scale Business Quickly
  10. Business Growing With Content
  1. There is no Buying System when the Site is Crush
  2. No Customers Experiences in Stores
  3. High Competition
  4. Must-Have Sufficient Protections
  5. Must Deal With Shipping
  6. Customers Can Be Impatient


Low Cost

Once upon a time, in a land of endless opportunities, business owners discovered the secret to unlocking the treasure trove of e-commerce: selling on multiple platforms! And the cherry on top? They could do it all without breaking the bank. Let’s dive into the fantastical realm of low-cost e-commerce expansion. In this magical world, our savvy entrepreneurs quickly realized that they didn’t need a golden goose to afford to list their products on several platforms.


In fact, many e-commerce giants like Etsy, eBay, and Amazon offer economical and flexible pricing options that suit businesses of all sizes. There’s even a potion (or API) that allows for seamless integration between these platforms and your inventory management system, saving time and reducing errors in your enchanted kingdom.

But wait, there’s more! Our resourceful merchants discovered the mythical land of drop-shipping. By partnering with suppliers who handle inventory, packaging, and shipping, they can offer a wider variety of products without the need to invest in a massive warehouse or a magical storage room. This low-risk, low-cost strategy can be a game-changer for small businesses and ambitious adventurers alike.

As our heroes venture further, they stumble upon the enchanted forest of digital marketing. The best part? This powerful resource doesn’t require a fortune to be effective. With the right strategy, a small budget can be used to target customers across different platforms, casting a spell that lures them to your products. Social media, email marketing, and search engine optimization work in harmony, creating a symphony of success for your e-commerce empire. Last but not least, selling on multiple e-commerce platforms unlocks the ancient wisdom of diversification. By spreading their wares across different realms, our intrepid merchants minimize the risk of platform-specific issues, like policy changes, fee hikes, or technical glitches, from wreaking havoc on their profits. The more platforms you conquer, the stronger your shield against unforeseen challenges.

Mobile-Friendly Management


In the palm of their hands, our modern-day merchants discovered enchanted apps and tools for each e-commerce platform. The ease of access transformed these once cumbersome tasks into a delightful dance of productivity. Updating inventory, tracking sales, and communicating with customers became as effortless as flicking a magic wand.

But lo and behold, the enchantment didn’t end there. In this mystical world, the powerful crystal ball – the smartphone – allowed our heroes to be omnipresent. With the ability to monitor and manage their businesses from any corner of the realm, they were able to swoop in and resolve issues before they escalated into monstrous challenges. The realm of e-commerce was forever changed by this newfound agility.

As the tale unfolds, our protagonists venture into the mystical woods of cross-platform apps. Here, they found enchanted tools that allowed them to manage multiple e-commerce platforms in one fell swoop. With a single, unified dashboard, they could oversee all their online stores, keep track of inventory, and even automate tasks, freeing up valuable time to focus on growing their digital dominions.

In the land of mobile-friendly management, our heroes also encountered a magical creature known as “analytics.”

This wise oracle revealed valuable insights and guided them to make informed decisions. With real-time data at their fingertips, they crafted powerful strategies, optimized their stores, and increased their sales, all from the comfort of their smartphones.

SEO Monitoring Services


In a land where search engine dragons ruled the skies, our intrepid e-commerce adventurers sought the help of powerful wizards known as SEO Monitoring Services. With their enchanted algorithms and mystical incantations, these wizards would guide our heroes on their quest for online dominance.

As the journey began, our fearless merchants were introduced to the arcane art of keyword research. Like a treasure map leading to vast riches, these SEO wizards revealed the secrets of choosing the right keywords for their products. By weaving these potent phrases into their e-commerce tapestries, our heroes ensured their stores would be found by eager customers searching the vast realm of the internet.

Venturing deeper into the mystical world of SEO, our protagonists encountered the enigmatic creatures known as backlinks. The wizards, well-versed in their ways, demonstrated how these powerful allies could boost our heroes’ search engine rankings. By forging alliances with reputable sites, our e-commerce champions cast a spell of trust and authority that enchanted search engine dragons and customers alike.

As our heroes mastered the art of SEO, they discovered the spellbinding power of content creation. With the guidance of their SEO monitoring mentors, they learned to craft captivating product descriptions, engaging blog posts, and enchanting social media content. Each piece of content acted as a beacon, luring potential customers from the far reaches of the digital realm to their online stores. But the magic didn’t end there. The SEO wizards also bestowed upon our e-commerce adventurers the gift of progress tracking. With enchanted analytics tools and regular reports, our heroes could monitor their SEO strategies, ensuring they were always on the path to success. Any obstacles in their way could be swiftly identified and overcome, leading to ever-greater achievements.

High Potential Income


In the bustling digital marketplace, our e-commerce heroes embarked on a quest for the legendary treasure trove of high-potential income. As they journeyed through the realms of multiple platforms, they unlocked the secrets to turn their dreams of fortune into reality.

Our intrepid merchants first encountered the mystical multiplier effect. By showcasing their wares on various e-commerce platforms, they amplified their reach and attracted customers from far and wide. This enchanted strategy, like a chorus of sirens, lured shoppers from every corner of the digital seas, increasing the chances of a bountiful harvest of sales. As they continued their quest, our e-commerce adventurers stumbled upon a hidden gem: the power of customer reviews. The more platforms they conquered, the more opportunities they had to amass glowing recommendations. These testimonials, like spells of endorsement, enchanted potential customers, convincing them to part with their gold coins in exchange for our heroes’ delightful offerings. But the path to high potential income wasn’t always smooth sailing. Our merchants encountered treacherous seas of competition, but with their trusty compass of niche products and unique selling propositions, they navigated these waters with ease. By offering exceptional value and standing out in the crowded marketplace, they captured the hearts (and wallets) of customers across the digital realm.

Along the way, our heroes discovered an enchanted island called “Upselling and Cross-Selling.” On this island, they learned the art of tempting customers with irresistible offers, enticing them to add more items to their carts. With the power of well-crafted product bundles and irresistible recommendations, they transformed casual shoppers into loyal patrons, eager to return for future purchases.

Showcase Best Sellers


In the grand bazaar of the digital realm, our valiant e-commerce heroes sought to display their finest treasures. With their eyes on the prize, they aimed to showcase their best sellers across the vast expanse of multiple platforms, capturing the hearts and purses of customers far and wide.

As our heroes began their journey, they discovered the magical art of presentation. They learned that by adorning their online stores with visually stunning images and captivating descriptions, they could transform their best sellers into irresistible gems. These masterpieces, displayed in the virtual shop windows of multiple e-commerce platforms, lured customers like moths to a glistening flame.

As word of their wares spread across the digital kingdom, our e-commerce adventurers discovered the power of social proof. By strategically showcasing their best sellers, adorned with gleaming reviews and testimonials, they crafted a compelling narrative of trust and satisfaction. This tale whispered from one customer to the next, acted as a siren song, enticing new shoppers to explore their digital emporiums.

Venturing deeper into the realm of showcasing best sellers, our heroes stumbled upon the enchanted forest of advertising. Here, they harnessed the power of sponsored posts and targeted ads to cast a spell of allure on their most popular products. This sorcery amplified the visibility of their best sellers, enchanting potential customers and boosting sales across multiple platforms. As they continued their quest, our e-commerce champions encountered the fabled crossroads of collaboration. By joining forces with influencers and affiliates, they tapped into an even larger audience for their best sellers. These digital ambassadors, armed with their loyal followers, sang the praises of our heroes’ wares, expanding their reach and propelling their best sellers to new heights of fame and fortune.

Sell Internationally


In the age of digital exploration, our intrepid e-commerce adventurers set sail for uncharted territories, ready to conquer the world one platform at a time. With the wind at their backs and their eyes on the horizon, they prepared to embark on the thrilling quest to sell internationally. As our heroes unfurled their sails, they discovered the enchanting power of global platforms. By listing their wares on these international marketplaces, they gained access to customers from every corner of the globe. This boundless reach, like a magical bridge, connected their e-commerce empires to the farthest reaches of the Earth, vastly expanding their potential customer base.

As they navigated the ever-changing seas of international commerce, our e-commerce explorers encountered the mysterious realm of localization. By adapting their product listings, descriptions, and even their websites to suit the unique customs and languages of each new land, they unlocked the secret to winning the hearts (and gold) of local shoppers. These digital chameleons, masters of adaptation, left no stone unturned in their quest for global dominance. As they sailed deeper into the vast ocean of international sales, our heroes were guided by the celestial compass of currency conversion. By offering a seamless and transparent payment experience, they ensured that customers from all corners of the world could acquire their treasures with ease. This simple yet powerful gesture, like a welcoming embrace, invited shoppers to return time and time again.

In their journey across the digital seas, our e-commerce adventurers discovered the hidden cove of global logistics. By forging alliances with reputable shipping partners, they guaranteed that their wares would reach customers near and far, swiftly and securely. This reliable network, like a fleet of trusty vessels, carried their products to the farthest reaches of the globe, ensuring their online empires continued to grow.



In a world brimming with choices, our e-commerce heroes embarked on a quest to capture the hearts of their customers with the magical power of personalization. Armed with enchanted tools and boundless creativity, they sought to transform their digital empires into delightful havens of customized experiences. As our intrepid merchants ventured into the realm of personalization, they discovered the mystical art of product customization. By offering customers the ability to tailor their purchases, our heroes crafted an enchanting experience that made their online stores stand out like a beacon in the night. Whether it was choosing colors, and sizes, or adding a personal touch with engraving, these individualized treasures left their customers spellbound.

But the adventure didn’t end there. Our e-commerce champions delved deeper into the magical world of personalization, uncovering the secret of targeted marketing. By harnessing the power of data, they crafted enchanting messages and promotions tailored to each customer’s unique preferences. These personalized missives, like love letters from their favorite brands, captivated customers and strengthened their loyalty to our heroes’ online stores. In their journey to create memorable experiences, our heroes encountered the enigmatic realm of AI-powered recommendations. With the help of magical algorithms, they conjured up bespoke suggestions, gently guiding customers toward products that perfectly matched their desires. This seamless sorcery, woven into the fabric of their online stores, left customers feeling understood, valued, and eager to return.

As our e-commerce adventurers neared the end of their quest, they stumbled upon the sacred temple of customer service. Here, they learned that personalizing interactions with customers could be the key to unlocking their loyalty. By treating each customer like royalty and addressing them by name, our heroes transformed their online stores into warm, welcoming havens, where shoppers felt cherished and appreciated.

Easy To Retarget To Customers


In the mystical land of e-commerce, our valiant heroes embarked on a quest to rekindle the sparks of interest in their customers’ hearts. With their sights set on the enchanting art of retargeting, they prepared to weave a spell of irresistible allure, calling their customers back to their digital kingdoms. As our intrepid merchants began their journey, they discovered the ancient scrolls of pixel magic. By embedding these powerful codes into their online stores, they could track the movements of their customers across the vast digital realm. This invaluable knowledge allowed our heroes to cast a targeted spell, gently nudging their customers to return and complete their purchases.

Venturing deeper into the world of retargeting, our e-commerce champions stumbled upon the enchanted forest of social media. By harnessing the power of tailored ads and sponsored posts, they were able to reach customers who had once shown interest in their wares. These carefully crafted messages, like a siren’s song, called out to customers, reminding them of the treasures they had left behind. As they continued on their path, our heroes encountered the mystical realm of email marketing. Here, they learned the art of crafting captivating missives, personalized to each customer’s unique journey. By sending abandoned cart reminders and tailored promotions, our e-commerce adventurers rekindled the flame of interest in their customers’ hearts, enticing them to return and complete their transactions.

In the final leg of their quest, our e-commerce heroes discovered the magic of dynamic retargeting. This powerful sorcery allowed them to create ads that automatically showcased the specific products each customer had shown interest in. With this spell, our merchants were able to re-engage their customers and lead them back to their online stores, where they could finally claim their coveted treasures.

Scale Business Quickly


In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, our intrepid heroes sought the secret to swiftly scaling their online empires. With ambition in their hearts and the winds of fortune at their backs, they embarked on a thrilling quest to conquer the digital realm and expand their businesses at lightning speed. As our valiant merchants set forth, they discovered the hidden power of multi-channel selling. By diversifying their presence across numerous e-commerce platforms, they multiplied their opportunities for growth. Like a master gardener skillfully planting seeds, our heroes sowed the foundations of their online empires, watching as they blossomed into a thriving network of thriving digital marketplaces.

Venturing further into the world of rapid scaling, our e-commerce champions encountered the enchanted art of automation. By harnessing the power of magical tools and software, they streamlined their operations, from inventory management to order fulfillment. This sorcery allowed our heroes to focus on what truly mattered: strategizing, innovating, and expanding their businesses to new heights. As they continued on their path, our heroes stumbled upon the mystical realm of data-driven decisions. By analyzing the insights gleaned from their multi-platform conquests, they could make informed choices and adapt their strategies with unparalleled agility. With the guidance of this enchanted crystal ball, our e-commerce adventurers could foresee trends and seize opportunities, ensuring their online empires continued to grow and prosper.

In their quest for rapid scaling, our e-commerce heroes discovered the power of collaboration. By forging alliances with influencers, affiliates, and other merchants, they expanded their reach and strengthened their online presence. These strategic partnerships, like a network of enchanted vines, interwove their businesses, elevating them to new heights of success.

Business Growing With Content


In the vibrant landscape of e-commerce, our courageous heroes embarked on a quest to cultivate their online empires with the lifeblood of the digital realm – content. With quills in hand and boundless creativity in their hearts, they set forth to weave enchanting tales that would captivate customers and nourish their businesses.

As our intrepid merchants ventured into the world of content creation, they discovered the magical art of storytelling. By crafting engaging narratives around their products and services, they transformed their online stores into realms of wonder, where customers could embark on thrilling adventures and uncover hidden treasures. These captivating stories, like a siren’s song, drew customers in, leaving them yearning for more.

Continuing their journey, our e-commerce champions stumbled upon the enchanted forest of educational content. By sharing their wisdom and expertise through blog posts, videos, and social media, our heroes established themselves as trusted guides in their respective niches. These illuminating resources, like a beacon of knowledge, attracted customers and bolstered their loyalty to our heroes’ online empires. As they delved deeper into the realm of content, our heroes encountered the mystical power of user-generated content. By encouraging customers to share their own stories, reviews, and images, our e-commerce adventurers created a vibrant tapestry of authentic experiences that resonated with new shoppers. This magical quilt, woven from the threads of real-life testimonials, inspired trust and confidence in their online stores.

In the final stage of their quest, our e-commerce heroes discovered the secret of content repurposing. By breathing new life into existing content, and transforming articles into videos or infographics, they maximized their efforts and extended their reach. This alchemy, like a fabled philosopher’s stone, turned its content into digital gold, capturing the hearts and minds of customers across multiple platforms.


There is no Buying System when the Site is Crush


Picture this: you’re at a carnival, excited to hop on the most thrilling ride, only to discover that the ride’s control system has completely crashed. Well, buckle up, because when selling on multiple e-commerce platforms, you might just experience a similar rollercoaster of emotions. When a single platform experiences a crash or downtime, it could lead to a heart-stopping halt in your sales. This digital hiccup can turn into a chaotic circus, with customers frantically searching for answers and support teams juggling queries like jugglers tossing flaming torches.

Just like a bungee jump gone awry, a crashed site can plummet your sales to rock bottom. Customers, who were just moments ago ready to make a purchase, can become frustrated and abandon their carts. And it’s not just your sales that suffer, your brand’s reputation takes a nosedive too, as potential customers are left questioning the reliability of your business.

Managing multiple platforms can be like trying to tame a pack of wild lions.

Each platform has its unique interface, policies, and quirks, leaving you to navigate the complexities of keeping everything up and running smoothly. The more platforms you’re on, the more potential points of failure, and the higher the risk of getting tangled up in a web of technical issues.

On top of that, with great sales power comes great responsibility – and greater room for human error. Imagine trying to balance on a tightrope while updating inventory, processing orders, and handling customer inquiries across multiple platforms. One wrong step and you could find yourself tangled in a mess of errors, affecting not just one, but all of your e-commerce platforms.

Of course, we mustn’t forget the challenges of dealing with the platform’s customer support. It can feel like you’re on a merry-go-round of canned responses and endless waiting times, as you desperately try to resolve the issue and get your sales back on track. But alas, it’s not always smooth sailing, and you may end up with your e-commerce ship temporarily sinking into a sea of technical issues.

No Customers Experiences in Stores


Imagine being the star of a Broadway show, ready to dazzle the audience with your captivating performance, only to find out that the theater is empty. This is what it can feel like when you sell on multiple e-commerce platforms and lose the opportunity to create memorable customer experiences in physical stores.

Sure, having a presence on numerous digital marketplaces might feel like you’re tap-dancing your way to e-commerce stardom. But, like a mime artist trapped in an invisible box, you’re confined to the limitations of online interactions. Without a brick-and-mortar store, you’re unable to provide the immersive and personal experiences that many customers still crave.

Let’s face it, shopping online can sometimes feel like attending a silent disco. Everyone’s there for the party, but the personal touch is missing. You can’t recreate the magic of a customer walking into a beautifully designed store, being greeted by friendly staff, and engaging with products in person. It’s a multisensory experience that can’t be replicated in the digital realm. Even if your e-commerce platform features advanced technology like virtual fitting rooms or augmented reality, it’s still not quite the same as experiencing the real deal. There’s no substitute for the excitement of trying on a garment in-store, smelling a perfume’s delightful fragrance, or feeling the weight of a new gadget in your hands.

Moreover, without a physical store, you miss out on those impromptu purchases made by customers who just happened to be strolling by. You know, the ones who weren’t planning on buying anything but were captivated by your window display or the irresistible aroma wafting from your bakery. These spontaneous moments of retail therapy can be an essential part of building loyal customers.

Selling on multiple e-commerce platforms can feel like you’re performing a juggling act on a unicycle. With your focus divided between numerous digital marketplaces, you might not have the resources to invest in creating exceptional in-store experiences. Consequently, you risk alienating customers who still value the enchantment of shopping in person.

High Competition


Picture yourself as a contestant on a reality TV talent show, eagerly waiting for your turn to perform, only to realize you’re up against a sea of equally talented hopefuls. That’s the kind of cutthroat competition you can expect when selling on multiple e-commerce platforms. Diving into the vast ocean of e-commerce can feel like swimming with sharks. Every seller is vying for the same slice of the digital pie, making it challenging to stand out among the masses. And just like a game of musical chairs, you might find yourself scrambling for a seat at the table as you try to outshine your competitors. Being on multiple e-commerce platforms can make you feel like you’re walking a tightrope. On one hand, you want to broaden your reach and appeal to a larger audience. But on the other hand, you’re also increasing the number of rivals you’re up against, which can make it difficult to differentiate your brand. The online marketplace is like a never-ending game of chess, where every player is strategizing to outwit their opponents.

Competitors are constantly adjusting their prices, offering discounts, and launching new products, leaving you in a perpetual race to stay relevant and attractive to consumers.

And don’t forget about the Goliaths of e-commerce – the giant retailers with deep pockets who dominate the digital landscape. These behemoths can leverage their vast resources to outperform smaller sellers, leaving you feeling like David trying to take down Goliath with nothing but a slingshot and a prayer.

The fight for consumer attention can also feel like a circus act, with each performer trying to outdo the next. To stay competitive, you may find yourself investing in costly marketing campaigns, eye-catching visuals, and sophisticated algorithms to remain visible on various platforms. In essence, selling on multiple e-commerce platforms can be a thrilling but daunting high-wire act. With fierce competition at every turn, standing out from the crowd can be a challenging feat. So, as you embark on this digital adventure, be prepared to embrace the spirit of a fearless acrobat, ready to dazzle the audience and rise above the competition.

Must-Have Sufficient Protections


Selling on multiple e-commerce platforms can feel like a wild ride at the amusement park – thrilling but with a dash of danger. As you navigate the complexities of various digital marketplaces, it’s essential to have sufficient protections in place to ensure your business stays afloat. Like a tightrope walker without a safety net, selling on multiple e-commerce platforms without adequate protections can be risky business. You’re vulnerable to a range of hazards, from cyberattacks to payment disputes, and without proper safeguards, you could be left exposed to significant financial losses.

One of the most critical protections you must have is robust cybersecurity measures. With cyber threats on the rise, having a reliable security system is non-negotiable. Cybercriminals are always lurking, looking for vulnerabilities they can exploit to gain access to your sensitive data, steal customer information, or commit fraud.

In addition to cybersecurity, you must also have measures in place to protect your payment transactions. Payment fraud can cause significant financial losses and damage your brand reputation, so you need to be vigilant when it comes to transaction security. It’s vital to ensure that all transactions are encrypted and that you’re using reliable payment processors to minimize the risk of fraudulent activities.

With customers increasingly concerned about data privacy, having policies in place to protect their personal information is crucial. You must be transparent about how you’re handling their data, giving them control over their information, and ensuring that it’s secure.

Having adequate insurance coverage is also a must-have protection for selling on multiple e-commerce platforms. With so many potential risks, having insurance can give you peace of mind, knowing that you’re covered in case of a crisis.

Must Deal With Shipping


Selling on multiple e-commerce platforms can feel like playing a game of Tetris – you’re constantly trying to fit all the pieces together to create a winning strategy. And when it comes to shipping, it can be one of the most challenging pieces to maneuver. Shipping is a crucial aspect of any e-commerce business, and managing it across multiple platforms can be a logistical nightmare. With each platform having its shipping policies, fees, and requirements, it can be challenging to keep track of everything and ensure that your customers receive their orders on time.

Shipping can also be a costly part of your business, and managing it across multiple platforms can add to the expense. Each platform may have its shipping fees, and you may need to use different shipping carriers to fulfill orders. These costs can quickly add up, cutting into your profit margins and making it difficult to remain competitive.

In addition to cost and logistics, managing shipping across multiple platforms can also be time-consuming. You need to ensure that you’re fulfilling orders promptly, tracking shipments, and managing returns and exchanges. Without a robust system in place, managing shipping can take up valuable time and resources that you could be using to grow your business.

And let’s not forget the challenges of dealing with shipping during peak periods like holidays and sales events. Shipping carriers may experience delays, and managing high volumes of orders can be overwhelming. Without proper planning and preparation, you could be left scrambling to fulfill orders, leading to dissatisfied customers and a damaged brand reputation.

Customers Can Be Impatient


Customers can be like a pack of ravenous wolves, constantly hungry for their next purchase. And when you’re selling on multiple e-commerce platforms, they’re even more eager to get their hands on your products. But beware, because customers can be incredibly impatient, and failing to meet their expectations can have dire consequences.

One of the biggest challenges of managing multiple e-commerce platforms is keeping up with customer demands. Customers expect fast, efficient service, and they’re not always willing to wait for their orders to arrive. And if they don’t receive their orders on time, they’ll pounce like a hungry lion, leaving negative reviews and complaints in their wake.

Imagine being a contestant in a cooking competition, with the judges eagerly waiting to taste your dish, only to discover that it’s not quite ready. Well, when it comes to selling on multiple e-commerce platforms, customers can be just as impatient as those hungry judges.

In today’s fast-paced world, customers expect instant gratification, and they’re not always willing to wait for their orders to arrive. And when you’re managing multiple e-commerce platforms, fulfilling orders quickly and efficiently can be a challenge.

Customers can become frustrated when they don’t receive their orders promptly, leading to negative reviews, complaints, and lost sales.

With numerous platforms to manage, it can be challenging to keep up with orders, resulting in delays and dissatisfied customers.

Moreover, customers expect real-time updates and tracking information, which can be a challenge when managing orders across multiple platforms. Keeping track of orders, updating tracking information, and managing customer inquiries can be time-consuming, leaving customers waiting for updates and feeling neglected. And let’s not forget about the challenges of managing returns and exchanges across multiple platforms. Customers expect a seamless process when it comes to returns, and managing them across multiple platforms can be a logistical headache. Failure to handle returns promptly and efficiently can lead to lost sales and a damaged brand reputation.

Managing multiple e-commerce platforms can be a demanding and time-consuming task, especially for online sellers who are handling everything themselves. Unlike traditional businesses, many online sellers don’t have the luxury of having employees to help manage the day-to-day operations. When selling on multiple marketplaces, sellers must manage various tasks, such as listing products, monitoring inventory, processing orders, and handling customer inquiries. It can be a daunting and draining task, requiring a significant amount of time and effort. Join us to make your business strategy wider and growing now!

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