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Should I Hire A Sourcing Agent?

Who Should Use A Sourcing Agent?

“Sourcing Agent” is a job title. Well-established companies with a proven sales record need to hire a sourcing agent. These companies have many products and sourcing them is a fulltime job. Smaller brands deal with many challenges and may experience difficulty getting though the learning curve. Hiring a sourcing agent won’t solve these problems. Many other challenges and expenses remain. Most small business owners will tell you how hard it is to stay profitable and it is up to each individual to decide weather or not it’s worth the effort to start a business. It can be overwhelming to a new ecommerce seller. Having a full service consulting company with an experienced team like ours to start your business for you offers various solutions, including product sourcing, for those who are starting a business.

How does a sourcing agent work?

As a rule, a “sourcing agent” is a job title and they work for well-established companies. Their job is to find sources for products sold in their stores or websites and keep them stocked. If you are an FBA seller, you have already run into the challenges associated with product sourcing. Using a sourcing company may be tempting, but will you know where to get your products later or how much your should expect to pay for it if you decide not to use the sourcing agent later? Here at FBA Business In A Box, we are a full-service consulting company for FBA sellers. We not only source your product for you, but we start and run the whole business for you, creating a passive income out of the FBA business model.

How much does a sourcing agent cost?

The true price of your sourcing agent might not be clear to you. The sourcing agent will need to cloak their source and price from you to protect their business. If you are making an order for $10,000 you will likely pay between $500 and $1000 just for someone to buy the product for you. It may be better to hire a full-service consulting firm like ours. At FBA Business In A Box, we don’t just source the product for you. We label it, package it for individual sale, ship it and blog about it. We even create a website for you and start the LLC. Our goal is to eliminate the need for you to learn all these thing as you go. We are not an education company, we are an action company and we do everything necessary to start and run your business. We always give you access to the source for your product and all communications.

Is It Worth It To Hire A Sourcing Agent?

It is not worth it to hire a sourcing agent unless you have an established business with revenue to justify the expense incurred by an employee. A sourcing agent only solves one of many issues facing a new e-commerce seller. Some of those challenges include advertising, generating original graphics and pictures, product selection, individual labeling, individual barcodes, and preparing each shipment for Amazon. If you want to stop using paid advertising someday you will also need a blog. Creating valuable blog posts regularly is the hardest part about Amazon FBA.

Some prospective new sellers believe that they can order product, put it on Amazon, and that will make them money. Sourcing companies would like you to believe that too. Unfortunately, high competition online means that putting a product online does not guarantee sales or profitability. You must have an authoritative internet presence. Building a brand and generating valuable blog content is required to attract a high-volume of buyers. A high volume of sales is required for success in the FBA, or any ecommerce business.

What Does FBA Business In A Box Do?

We are a full-service consulting firm for anyone who wishes to start a business but we specialize in e-commerce. To compete in e-commerce today, you will need many different skills. It requires time, not only daily but it requires months of time to build the business up so that you can compete with other brands. FBA Business In A Box aims to make the business passive right from the start. Our services include sourcing, branding, and writing the blog.

Writing a blog post is not just about giving information to people. It’s about giving unique and original information that is usable and not easily copied by other bloggers. It takes 6 to 8 months for your blog post to rank on Google organically. (Organically means not having to pay for Google to show your posts.) During that 6 to 8 months, you should create at least 50 to 70 posts. Each post takes writing skills and they take hours to research and write. They will each require original graphics that you have to be licensed commercial use, which costs money.

Many people still have no idea what the goal of a blog is supposed to be. As a result, many new bloggers will write dozens of blog posts that no one will ever see. What if you spend hundreds of hours writing 50 to 70 blog posts that no one will read. That is a risk you take when you write a blog. You will not know if it will rank on Google until 6 to 8 months after the post goes live. Use us to protect your investment.

We build a profitable business for you.

After selecting and sourcing a product, the work has only just begun. Other concerns include product labels, generating graphics, barcodes, branding, Amazon ads, logos, creating websites/online stores, blog entries and more. Unless you have extensive business experience, FBA will probably be far more challenging and expensive than expected. It is not for the light of heart. E-commerce is highly competitive. When you are investing your own money, it is important to focus on profitable activities. That’s where we come in.

Our writing team will research specific blog ideas and search trends to identify the best topics to write about. You can be assured that our blog posts will give you a return on your investment.

Our sourcing agents will be sure that you get the best price for your product in perpetuity. Our graphics team will help you to generate labels and picture graphics, in addition to videos and other kinds of visual advertising. You can assume that any blog post you write will have competition. Having a professional writing team to research and write your blog posts is the best way to compete with other professional bloggers who have already learned these skills. Armed with years of trial and error, your competition are experienced experts. And they have paid a steep price to become so. Regurgitating information found on other blog posts will not help you rank on Google. The information in your blog post has to be original and valuable to the reader. If it’s not, Google will not display your post, at least not where readers will see It.

Our service:


  • Professional, Full-time Office staff
  • Experienced team to answer questions/Jason’s phone number
  • LLC Full Service Business creation
  • Unique, Custom Website
  • Amazon ads management
  • Blog creation and management
  • Product selection with performance data
  • Product sourcing
  • Asia team for shipment and product inspection. We inspect your shipments.


  • Confident that you will have the knowledge and expertise needed to succeed in your new business
  • You are never alone. Unlike most business owners, you don’t need 1000 different skills to get started
  • No learning curve
  • No paperwork or expensive business services
  • No expensive design work to be done
  • SEO is incorporated automatically so you get off to the right start
  • You don’t have to deal with amazon or google algorithms. We create an ad strategy to compete and win
  • Pre-loaded blog to start your content journey. Optional ongoing content creation.
  • You don’t need to worry about getting robbed by someone in a different country or receiving low quality products
  • You don’t need to risk your investment capital.
  • Avoid “miscommunications” with product sources in other countries

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