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How to Create Your Own Clothing Line

Start Your Journey With Your Own Clothing Line

Starting your own clothing brand? For many it is a dream, for some, it is a capitalist goal. Both are perfectly worthy reasons. Having your own clothing brand can bring pride and satisfaction into your life. It will also bring a very decent income. So for whatever reason you want to start your own clothing brand, continue reading, we will show you the way.

Who Will Buy Your Clothes?

The first question to ask when starting a clothing brand is, “Who will buy your clothes?”. Put another way, “What will your customers search Google or Amazon for when they want to find your product? The customer who searches for “Formal men’s clothing” is a different audience than people who search for “One piece woman’s bathing suit”. So who is searching for you? Their search terms identify them as your audience if they search for your product. To build your audience, offer them a coupon or free shipping in exchange for their email address or a follow on social media.

The best way to sell your clothing is by having your own audience of people who buy the clothes you sell. There are many young people on Instagram, TickTock, or Facebook who have upwards of 3000 friends or followers. They will post a simple video and get thousands of views. Most of these people do not know how to make money with their audience. A clothing brand is the simplest answer. A great way to make money with your existing Instagram, TickTock, or Facebook audience is by selling them clothes.

Let’s say you’re going to go to the zoo. You’re probably going to take pictures with your friends, pictures of the animals, and pictures or videos of yourself doing whatever fun things you do at the zoo. Wear one of your own outfits. I don’t mean clothes that you own. I mean clothes that you have labeled with your own clothing label. Wear an outfit that you want to sell. Then, when you post the video, the words in the description of the post should have a link to buy the clothes you’re wearing. It’s that simple.

How Long Does It Take To Make Money?

Your audience will quickly realize that you have a clothing brand, and if they like the clothes you are wearing, they will buy from you. You will instantly make money on your social media posts. It doesn’t even matter what you do as long as you have an audience. I mentioned people who already have a Facebook, Instagram, or Tick Tock following naturally because when they post, a lot of people look at their posts.

How To Reach The Right Audience

What if all you like to do is play video games? You love to play video games all the time but you want to make money with it somehow? You need your own clothing brand. Let’s say you stream your video games and you talk about cheats and hacks, secret rooms, and offer valuable information about the game so people will subscribe to your channel or view your post. On each post, or during your playing sessions, you should wear your own clothing brand and make the clothing available for sale to your audience. A hat. A shirt. Socks. How about a pair of “gaming gloves“. What about glasses with frames and no lenses? Be creative, you can sell anything that you can wear in your video sessions.

How To Make It Grow

Sell to your current viewers. Maybe you like to cook. You can be any person of any age. While you’re cooking, you’re probably wearing an apron and shirt and using oven mitts. Sell your own oven mitts. Sell your own aprons. Sell the shirt you’re wearing. Create your own brand of clothing and wear them in your videos while you cook.

Most people who have a big audience do not know how to monetize the audience properly. Maybe the only way they know how to do it is by promoting other people’s products. Or they put ads on their YouTube videos and rely on YouTube advertising revenue. YouTube advertising revenue is pitiful at first. It takes time to make money that way, meanwhile, you have a valuable and fast audience that you could be selling to. Here’s how.

What To Do First

First, you will need to have an Amazon seller‘s account, an Etsy, maybe even more. Second, you should find someone to supply your clothing to you. Then you need to determine what styles of clothing you would like to sell. Once you determine where you buy your clothes and what clothes you will buy, you should buy 20 or 50 of them. Or if you’re only going to sell one item, let’s say an apron if you’re cooking, you should buy 50 to 100 of your aprons. Send the inventor to the Amazon warehouse and list your product as a Prime product on Amazon.

Wear your apron in each video and at the end of the video or at some point during the video mention to the audience that the apron can be purchased using “the link below”. Then post a link at the bottom of the video for your Amazon Prime listing.

Where To Sell Your Clothes Online – Amazon Prime And Many More!

Most of your audience are already Amazon Prime members. They probably have their credit card on file with Amazon which makes it very simple and easy for them to buy your apron. You don’t have to collect a single dollar from anybody. Amazon will pay you directly. Amazon will also ship your aprons to your customers and guarantee two-day shipping, deal with returns, handle customer service, etc.

You do not have to be an Amazon expert to do this. Just do what you love, cook, play video games, go to the zoo with your friends, and post pictures or videos online. If you have a baby, you can have a baby clothing line. Do you post your baby on Facebook all the time? Do you get hundreds or thousands of views on each post? Your baby should definitely be

wearing your clothing line all the time. Then in each post, put a link to your Amazon Prime listing at the bottom of the post so that people can go buy the outfit your baby is wearing.

Create A Long Term Passive Income

This is how you generate a solid, consistent income without doing any fancy advertising or Internet marketing. Just do what you love. Post cooking videos and sell the apron or the oven mitts. Better yet, sell them as a bundle, you’ll get more money per sale. I have suggested a couple of ideas in this article for how you can sell your clothing brand but the core necessity behind this idea is that you have an audience. You must have an audience to sell your clothes to. Google or YouTube is not an audience. You must have a unique audience that watches you and looks at your posts.

Use Our Coaches To Get Started Right

Building an audience is a bit of a trick if you don’t already have one. Our recommendation is to use our coaching services which are very reasonably priced at $45 per 30-minute session, and simply let us help you build an audience. We will determine what you enjoy doing and we will help you use your activities to build yourself an audience. Building an audience can be quite fast, maybe two or three months. Once you’ve built up your audience, simply keep posting great videos and content while you wear your beautiful clothes, they will naturally buy what appeals to them.

The Asia team at FBA Business In A Box will be happy to help you source your clothing here in Asia. We will send your clothing directly to Amazon‘s warehouse so you don’t have to pay for the shipping to your house and then again ship it to Amazon. We will have a video call with you so that you can inspect your inventory before we box it up and send it out. We will even send whatever amount you specify to your house so that you have it in your possession and give it to your friends and family.

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