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How E-commerce Companies Can Utilize Social Media to Promote Products During the Eurovision

How E-commerce Companies Can Utilize Social Media to Promote Products During the Eurovision

  1. Hashtag For Campaigns
  2. Live Tweeting
  3. Eurovision-Themed Sales and Promotions
  4. User-Generated Content
  5. Sponsored Posts or Ads
  6. Influencer Partnerships
  7. Eurovision-themed Product Launches
  8. Real-time Responses
  9. Collaboration with Eurovision Fan Groups

Hashtag For Campaigns


In the world of social media, hashtags are like the secret handshake. They’re the unifying thread that brings together posts from all corners of the globe, painting a broader picture of the conversation at hand.

The Eurovision season is nothing less than a hashtag extravaganza, and for e-commerce companies, it’s a golden opportunity to jump on the bandwagon and steer the conversation toward their products.

Let’s get a little creative here. Picture this – you launch a hashtag, let’s call it #EurovisionEssentials. This hashtag could encompass everything from your company’s products that fans might find handy during Eurovision – be it a comfy Eurovision-themed hoodie, a funky light stick to cheering on their favorite performer, or a special Eurovision snack box.

The power of a hashtag lies in its ability to snowball. Every time a customer uses your hashtag, they’re essentially advertising your product to their followers. It’s a domino effect that can lead to a significant boost in visibility and engagement. But let’s not stop at just creating the hashtag. To give it that extra oomph, you could introduce a challenge or contest. For instance, encourage your customers to post a picture with your product and the most creative Eurovision watch-party setup, using the hashtag #EurovisionEssentials. The winner could receive a special discount or a unique Eurovision-themed gift.

And what about a live Eurovision product review using the hashtag #EurovisionUnboxing?

Fans unbox their orders live during the event, sharing their excitement and offering authentic, real-time product reviews.

In the sea of hashtags that crop up during Eurovision, #EurovisionEssentials could be your beacon, drawing fans toward your brand and products. It’s all about striking the right chord – and a well-planned, engaging hashtag campaign could be your ticket to hitting the high note during the Eurovision season.

Remember, a hashtag is more than just a catchy phrase. It’s a rallying cry, a banner under which your e-commerce brand and the Eurovision fans can come together, connect, and engage. So, get those creative juices flowing, and let’s make #EurovisionEssentials the talk of the town!

Live Tweeting

Live tweeting is like being the DJ at the biggest Eurovision party in town. You’re spinning the decks, keeping the beat going, and everyone’s hanging on your every word. Let’s put on our DJ hats and dive into the world of live tweeting during Eurovision.

First up, you need to remember the golden rule of live tweeting: Stay relevant. Just like a DJ won’t abruptly switch from an upbeat dance track to a lullaby, you shouldn’t stray from the Eurovision theme. For instance, when a performer takes the stage, tweet about how one of your products complements their performance or style.

Let’s say you’re a clothing retailer. A performer just stepped onto the stage in a glittery, flamboyant outfit. Quick, tweet something like, “Feeling the glitter vibes from that performance? Check out our sequin line to bring some Eurovision sparkle into your life! #EurovisionGlitter

Live tweeting is also about being interactive. Imagine our DJ scenario again. The DJ asks, “Are you having a good time?” and the crowd goes wild. Similarly, ask your followers questions, create polls, and react to their tweets. For instance, “Which performer’s style do you think would look great with our new denim line? Drop their names below!”

Humor is another key ingredient in live tweeting. The Eurovision is known for its vibrant and sometimes outlandish performances. So, why not add a dash of humor to your tweets? For example, “Did the performer just do a cartwheel on stage? Maybe they’re excited about our upcoming sale too!”

Last, but not least, live tweeting is about timing. Don’t tweet about a performance that happened an hour ago. You need to be quick, just like a DJ who knows exactly when to drop the beat. If a dramatic costume change happens on stage, seize the moment to promote your brand, like, “Speaking of dramatic transformations, have you seen our new range of transformative skincare products?”


The key to successful live tweeting during Eurovision is to stay relevant, interactive, humorous, and timely.

Eurovision-Themed Sales and Promotions

The Eurovision stage is known for its eclectic mix of glamour, drama, and, of course, a sprinkle (or sometimes a deluge) of the unexpected. It’s a playground of sights and sounds that captivates millions across the globe. As an e-commerce business, you can harness this captivating energy and host your own show-stopper – a Eurovision-themed sale or promotion!

Imagine this: a ‘Battle of the Discounts‘, a riveting face-off between products, akin to the fierce competition between Eurovision performers. Customers could vote for their favorite products, with the ‘winner’ bagging a bigger discount for the day. It’s the thrill of Eurovision, distilled into a shopping extravaganza!


Or how about a ‘Eurovision Flash Sale’? Just as viewers eagerly await the reveal of the points from each country, your followers could look forward to flash sales announced at specific intervals. An extra dollop of excitement, paired with irresistible deals? Yes, please!

And let’s not forget the magic of themed promotions. If Eurovision is a kaleidoscope of cultures, your sales could reflect this too. A ‘Tour of Europe’ sale could feature products associated with the countries participating in the competition. One day, you could have discounts on Italian leather bags, the next, a deal on Greek olive oil beauty products.

Want to add an element of surprise? Introduce ‘Performance Surprises’ – unexpected sales or offers that pop up during standout performances. Something like, “Blown away by that high note? Us too! Here’s a high-flying discount on our bestselling range to celebrate!” Oh, and remember to wrap these sales in the vibrant colors of Eurovision. Creative banners, catchy Eurovision-inspired taglines, and a themed layout could lend an immersive shopping experience that resonates with the Eurovision spirit.

Eurovision-themed sales and promotions can be a win-win scenario. Customers get to indulge in the Eurovision fever while enjoying some great deals, and your business gets to ride the high wave of engagement that this mega event garners. So, roll out the red carpet, and let your Eurovision-inspired sales take center stage!

User-Generated Content


Think of user-generated content as your own private Eurovision fan club, but instead of singing songs, they’re singing praises for your products. It’s a powerful way to turn your customers into stars of your social media universe during Eurovision.

Kick off the show with a ‘Eurovision at Home’ campaign. Encourage your customers to share snaps of themselves enjoying the event in their Eurovision-themed gear or using your products. It could be as simple as a selfie in your company’s t-shirt, or as grand as a mini-Eurovision stage made from your products. The possibilities are as vast as the number of Eurovision performances over the years!

Now, let’s add a twist to this tale. How about a ‘Eurovision Unplugged campaign? Customers could post videos of themselves reviewing your products in a style inspired by their favorite Eurovision performances. Picture this – a product review interspersed with dramatic pauses, exaggerated expressions, and maybe even a bit of interpretive dance. Could there be a more entertaining way to get honest reviews?

And remember, Eurovision isn’t just about solo acts. Just as countries form alliances and fans form communities, encourage collaborations among your customers. A ‘Duet Reviews’ campaign, perhaps? Two customers partnering up to review a pair of complementary products. It’s a fun way to showcase how your products can work together, just like a well-rehearsed Eurovision duet.

Lastly, let’s not forget to give these superstars their moment in the spotlight. Regularly share the best user-generated content on your social media channels. It’s a way of saying ‘thank you’ to your customers for their creativity and effort, and it shows potential customers that your products are loved and appreciated.

Sponsored Posts or Ads


Sponsored posts and ads during Eurovision can be likened to the dazzling pyrotechnics that lights up the stage during a power-packed performance. They make heads turn, they demand attention, and if done right, they leave the audience absolutely spellbound.

Firstly, let’s talk about a ‘Spotlight Ad’.

Just like the spotlight on the Eurovision stage, these ads are all about making your product the star. Show off your best-sellers or new arrivals and let them bask in the limelight. And don’t forget to add a Eurovision-inspired caption to keep the ad in tune with the event.

Next, consider running ‘Behind-the-Scenes Ads’. Much like the intriguing snippets from the backstage of Eurovision, these ads can showcase the making of your products. From the designing process to the packaging, give your audience a glimpse of what goes into making your products so special.

Then, we have the ‘Scoreboard Ads’.

As the anticipation builds up during the voting segment of Eurovision, release these ads offering special deals on your top-rated products. It could be something like, “While the countries tally up their scores, here’s a winning deal for you on our 5-star products!”

What about the ‘Eurovision Countdown Ads’? As the countdown to the grand finale begins, you can start a countdown of your own. Each day, reveal an exciting offer or a new product, building up anticipation among your followers.

Lastly, let’s not forget the power of collaborations in sponsored posts.

Partner with a popular Eurovision influencer or fan page to create ‘Duet Ads’. It’s like a harmonious duet where the influencer promotes your product while adding their unique touch to the post.

Eurovision is a spectacle of grandeur and excitement. By cleverly crafting your sponsored posts and ads to reflect this spirit, you can make sure that your brand doesn’t just become a part of the conversation, but also an exciting part of the Eurovision experience.

Influencer Partnerships


Influencer partnerships are like the stellar guest performances we see during the Eurovision interval acts – they add a dash of extra excitement and attract even more eyeballs. In the social media landscape, influencers are the VIPs who can make your products shine brighter during Eurovision.

Consider a ‘Eurovision Style-Off’. Partner with fashion influencers to create looks inspired by iconic Eurovision outfits, featuring your products. Who can forget ABBA’s flamboyant outfits or Lordi’s monster costumes? An influencer sporting a chic version of these looks with your products could be both entertaining and engaging.

Next, why not a ‘Eurovision Challenge’? Influencers could use your products in a fun, Eurovision-themed challenge. It could be anything from creating the tallest hairdo using your hair styling product, to a cooking challenge using your kitchenware to recreate dishes from competing countries. Challenges are an excellent way to showcase your products in action while adding a dash of Eurovision entertainment.

Then, there’s the ‘Eurovision Product Review’. Influencers can give their followers an honest review of your products during a Eurovision watch party or in a post-event round-up. They could even rate the products using the iconic Eurovision scoring system. “Our next product gets… points!”

Consider also the ‘Eurovision Unboxing’. Influencers could unbox your Eurovision-themed product package live during the event. The anticipation, the surprise, the real-time reactions – it’s like the thrill of waiting for the Eurovision winner announcement but with your products!

Finally, why not introduce a ‘Eurovision Takeover’? An influencer could take over your social media for a day, giving their unique take on your products while sharing their Eurovision excitement. It’s like inviting a Eurovision star to perform on your stage!

Influencer partnerships can significantly amplify your reach and add a layer of authenticity to your brand. When the Eurovision spotlight is on, these influencers can help ensure your products don’t miss a beat.

Eurovision-themed Product Launches


Eurovision-themed product launches are akin to the grand reveal of the final performance of the night. There’s an air of anticipation, a dash of the dramatic, and an explosion of excitement when the curtain finally lifts. So, let’s talk about how you can create a similar crescendo with your product launches.

Consider launching ‘Eurovision Star’ products. These could be products that embody the spirit of a famous Eurovision Act. Think of a line of quirky sunglasses inspired by Verka Serduchka or a bold, fiery lipstick range reminiscent of Conchita Wurst’s unforgettable performance. Unveil these products like a grand Eurovision performance and watch your customers cheer!

Then, there’s the Eurovision Ensemble launch. This could be a collection of products that together create a perfect Eurovision party atmosphere. For instance, a home décor brand could launch a Eurovision party kit complete with themed decorations, tableware, and even a DIY scorecard. It’s like offering your customers a ticket to host their own mini Eurovision!

Next up, the ‘Eurovision Countdown’ launch. As the final event approaches, reveal a new product each day, building up to a grand launch on the day of Eurovision. It’s like the excitement of the semi-finals leading up to the grand finale!

You could also introduce ‘Country Spotlight’ launches. Each product could represent a participating country, showcasing elements of their culture or their past Eurovision acts. For a fashion brand, this could mean launching dresses inspired by the traditional attire of the participating countries.

Lastly, consider a ‘Fan Favorite’ launch. Involve your customers in the product creation process by asking them to vote for their preferred designs or features, just like voting for their favorite Eurovision act. The product with the highest votes gets launched, making your customers feel as though they’re part of your brand’s Eurovision journey.

Real-time Responses


Real-time responses during Eurovision are like the ad-libbed comments from the show’s presenters, they’re unexpected, often hilarious, and add a layer of spontaneity that keeps the audience engaged. For e-commerce companies, they’re an excellent way to stay in tune with the event and showcase your brand’s personality.

First up, consider ‘Performance Reaction Posts’. These are quick, fun responses to the performances happening live on stage. Did a performer just make an unforgettable entrance? Post a reaction comparing it to the wow factor of your latest product. It’s like you’re watching the show alongside your customers, sharing in their excitement.

Then there’s the ‘Scoreboard Commentary’. As the points start rolling in, share your own commentary on the scores. You could create a fun analogy between the high scores and your top-rated products. “Just like Sweden’s points, our new product also has a perfect score from our customers!”

Next, consider ‘Meme Responses’. Memes are the lifeblood of social media during such events. If a particular performance or moment during Eurovision becomes meme-worthy, join in the fun. Create your own version of the meme featuring your products. Remember, the internet loves a brand with a sense of humor!

Also, think about ‘Customer Shoutouts’. If a customer posts about using your product during their Eurovision watch party, share it with a witty caption. It’s a real-time testimonial and it shows you appreciate your customers.

Collaboration with Eurovision Fan Groups

Collaborating with Eurovision fan groups is like joining a pre-show Eurovision party – you’re surrounded by passionate fans who live and breathe the event. It’s an opportunity to tap into their enthusiasm, extend your reach, and create a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Partner with a Eurovision fan group to run a contest where their members can win exclusive merchandise or discounts on your products.


It’s a win-win situation – they get a chance to win exciting prizes, and you gain exposure to a dedicated fanbase.

Collaborate with different Eurovision fan groups and showcase their members on your social media platforms. Ask them to share their Eurovision memories, favorite performances, or even their Eurovision-themed setups.

This not only highlights your brand’s connection to Eurovision but also celebrates the passion of the fan community.

Then, organize a ‘Fan Group Watch Party’. Partner with Eurovision fan groups to host a virtual watch party on social media platforms. Encourage participants to engage with your brand during the event, sharing their thoughts, and favorite moments, and even creating Eurovision-themed content. It’s a fantastic opportunity to create a sense of community around your brand and the event.

Consider collaborating with fan groups to create ‘Eurovision Playlists’. Ask them to curate playlists featuring Eurovision songs from different eras. You can then share these playlists with your audience, creating a fun and nostalgic experience that sparks conversations and memories.

Lastly, why not create a ‘Fan Group Spotlight’ campaign? Feature different Eurovision fan groups on your social media platforms, highlighting their work, passion, and dedication to Eurovision. This not only gives them a platform to shine but also shows your support for the fan community.

Creativity is increasingly diverse in business. Likewise, the social media management movement can encourage your business activities to be better. Popularity can be formed in many ways, one of which is making an official advertising project. Find special strategies right now. Join us!

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