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How Can I Make Money with My Hobby?

How To Make Money With Your Current Hobbies

You have a hobby, and you love what you’re doing. But you have to work, you have a family, and you have many other responsibilities. Maybe you, or those close to you, think you spend too much time on your hobby, which takes time away from your responsibilities. Haven’t you ever wished that you could make a lot of money with your hobby? Good news! That is our specialty at FBA Business In A Box. We will help you build an income using your hobby.

Methods: Exactly What To Do For Money

Most hobbies require tools and materials. For instance, fishing is an extremely popular hobby, but it is also quite expensive. There are fishing poles, fish finders, sunglasses, clothing, gloves, and many other miscellaneous tools required. Other hobbies might include cooking. The tools involved in cooking are endless. What about grilling or barbecuing? So many different tools and clothing are involved with grilling or barbecuing. You can sell any of these things to your audience. The trick is to build an audience.

Use Your Social Media Following

You need people who follow you online and watch videos of you doing your hobby, or follow you on Instagram and see your posts about you doing your hobby. You put a link to one of your products on each post or in the description of each YouTube video or social media post.

FBA Business In A Box will coach you to the point where you have an audience, and then we will help you source your products. That means we will help you find a supplier who will give you your product with your brand name printed on it. We can help you make money with your hobbies. Many hobbies are superfluous in nature and do not generate an income by themselves. But FBA Business In A Box coaches will help you determine how to make money with your hobby. We will coach you every step of the way.

“Appeal To The Masses, Not The Classes”

That’s sales lingo, meaning, don’t be too technical when you’re speaking to your potential audience. Everybody’s hobby is unique. That’s why we offer coaching for these skills. We will coach you to build a broad audience for your unique hobbies to create your unique brand and sell clothes, tools, and toys related to your hobby. How many hobbies can you think of that are extremely expensive by nature?

Remote control airplanes are expensive, and there are many different tools involved with the hobby. Many people want their own clothing brand. Shopping is a hobby. You can sell your own brand of clothes. Many people love to work out. Working out is a great hobby, and there are millions and millions of dollars spent online on tools and clothing, anything you can think of related to working out and getting healthy. You could sell any or all of these things to an audience of people who follow you in your hobby videos or social media posts.

Sounds Too Good To Be True

It is slightly more complicated than making social media posts. E-commerce businesses have a set of unique challenges and skills required. Our coaches will help you buy your product smartly so you can make money on it. (Without getting ripped off by the people who sell the product to you from China, for example.)

People who supply products to people have a million ways of taking your money. They know you are buying for profit, and they will take as much of your profit as possible on the front end, making it almost impossible for you to make money by reselling them. Your volume will be meager if your price is too high, especially in the beginning before you are well-known. It would be best if you got your inventory at a low price so that you could offer it to your audience at a relatively low price. While still making a profit, that is.

Best Way To Learn How To Sell On Amazon

It would be best if you were coached to learn Amazon FBA, and we can help you with that. It’s not the most exciting part about making money with your hobby. Of course, your hobby is the most exciting part. But you don’t have to be an expert in e-commerce or Amazon FBA to make money with your hobby. Amazon FBA stands for fulfillment by Amazon. That means you mail your product to Amazon, and Amazon will send it to your customers after selling it on their website.

All you have to do is send people to Amazon‘s website, where they have the ability to buy a product. Once they buy, Amazon will do the rest. So if you are an avid fisherman, all you have to do is make videos and social media posts of your fishing, then put a link to your Amazon product in the description. Not only will Amazon sell a lot of your products by themselves, but you can sell a ton of them using your audience.

FBA Coaching — Learn To Start Selling On Amazon Prime

Our FBA coaches will help you determine what the best products are to sell related to your hobby. We will look at data to see what is already selling on Amazon, and we will help you build your audience so that you will have a dedicated audience of people who are only by your level of products.

Do you have favorite brands? Your brand will be someone else’s favorite brand, and someone else wouldn’t imagine buying another brand because they would only buy your brand. Offering a high-quality tool for your hobby is one of the best ways to make money with your hobbies.

You can get a free strategy session from one of our coaches to talk about how you might get this started! Fill out the form on our website for coaching, and we will provide you with a phone number to call in for your coaching session. Our coaching only costs $45 for 30 minutes. You’ll be amazed at how much progress you will make in 30 minutes.

Video Courses Are Limited And General

It is much better than a video course that explains vague surface-level information and then leaves you to do all the work yourself. We will help you one on one to build your audience. We will help you write content, and we will help you select and source products to sell. We will help you write your FBA ads and advertise them. We will even help you come up with graphics and logos for your labels.

You will be so proud of your personal label of products related to your hobbies, and anybody who told you that you were wasting your time with your hobbies will be proven wrong. No hobby is a waste of time if you can create a full-time income while doing what you love, namely your hobby.

How To Make Money With A Blog

Setting up a brand website with a blog is one of the best ways to become a well-known hobbyist. You must have blog posts and video posts specifically instructing people to do different things related to your hobbies. Creating these videos and blog posts might be easier than you imagine. In fact, you are already doing it. Your Instagram posts and YouTube videos of you performing your hobby may be instructional to someone.

If you can make videos and posts with more detailed instructions on how to do what you’re doing or more details on what tools you’re using, the brands you’re using, the specific reason you use specific tools, and where specific clothing while you’re doing your hobby. If your hobby does not present any obvious products, you can always sell sunglasses or T-shirts with your name on them to your followers. There are countless different kinds of products you can sell that will be profitable to you, and they don’t necessarily have to be related to your hobby.

If your followers really like you, they will buy something just because you are selling it or because it has your name. FBA Business In A Box coaches will help you brand yourself to sell simple products with your brand logo or your brand name. Then people will buy sunglasses, T-shirts, gloves, hats, or any other thing you sell with your brand on it. You simply put a link to your Amazon ad on each post.

Get Rich Slow

Did I mention that people get rich selling on Amazon? According to Jungle Scout research, 6% of Amazon sellers have made a million dollars or more with their Amazon business. It is quite possible that your hobby turns into hundreds of thousands of dollars per year or makes you a millionaire. We want to coach you to success. We do not create simple courses and then leave you to your own devices. Video courses tell you what to do but you have to do all the work yourself. We do have courses that teach you how to do these things. We also offer support in the form of coaching to help you step-by-step to deal with your unique problems and challenges as a new brand and a new seller.

Have you ever wondered how these “influencers“ or “gurus“ became influencers and gurus? There are professional marketing techniques and tactics that are used to become gurus and influencers online. To be seen as an authority by your audience it’s not always natural. You must intentionally create the circumstances that would lead to you being perceived as an expert.

How To Get Your Product On Google

Google has its own category for the “Guru” concept. Google calls it E.A.T. which stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. To be seen as an authority in your area of expertise, you must write blog posts or make videos giving unique pointers and “secret sauce“ information that people would not green on their own. Google looks for your link to your site, called “backlinks”, on other authoritative websites.

Don’t focus on selling products or pushing affiliate links. Money will come naturally if you post high-quality content. Help people learn how to be better at their hobby. Delivery of the information should be entertaining. Flatly explaining something on a video will not get you very far on YouTube. It would help if you learned to animate yourself a little bit, use different facial expressions, use your hands when you’re talking, and maybe even learn how to edit the video to put pictures and slides and graphics and text on your videos.

Our coaches can help you learn these things. We even offer services to do them for you if you choose not to learn it yourself. You can focus on creating your content and send it to us for editing and production. Contact FBA Business In A Box to get started today and turn your dream of making money doing what you love into a reality.

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