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Build Assets

Learn Where To Invest

Create a business. Don’t pay for “education courses” on Amazon FBA. They can not teach you what you need to know. A business is an asset. How many times have you heard of somebody paying for “education” on the Internet? How many times have you done it yourself or seen your husband, wife, family member, or friends spend money on “education”, then end up in the same place they started, only without their money?

Be careful who you pay to “teach you how to make money”. There are lots of “educators” online who are happy to make big promises and take your money. Then they tell you it’s up to you to “Take Action”. You need to do the work. Not helpful or profitable. Unless you’re the “educator” taking money for nothing. Some of the best education for business can be found in old books.

Learn How To Make Money

Making money is a process. The first thing you have to do is to choose your medium. The most effective ways to generate income right now are physical products online, digital products, and local services. With so many options, you’re sure to find something you can do to make money. Because of that, many people are making money with their own business. But many others try and fail, only managing to invest a lot of their resources to learn how to do it. Not only does it cost them time, they often spend a lot of money only to discover that they still don’t have any income-generating assets.

Knowing how to do something is not the same as being able to actually do it. We see it all the time in our business, someone starts something, invests a bunch of money into it, and then it doesn’t make them any money in return. The solution we offer is “FBA Business In A Box”. It isn’t an educational product. There are no websites to set up, there’s no product research for you to do, and there’s no video course to pay for. We can teach you how to run it later; at no cost.

What You Need Is A Revolutionary Business Model

Building A Business

Making money on the internet these days is pretty common, but even if you’re starting a brick and mortar business, you’ve got to have an online presence. The problem is that most people don’t know how to develop a brand, start a blog, build a website, research and source a product, and sell online.

Buying a course to learn how to make money is a fast way to waste money. Most people never make the investment to buy inventory or advertise a product because there is no guarantee that the money will come back to them. They have a job, get a paycheck, and are happy. They even believe that going to work is a choice. They can’t quit or their whole life will go down the drain. Their kids suffer, their spouse might walk away, and they’d probably lose the house and the car.

There are so many people in debt because they collect costly liabilities. They must keep their job or risk losing it all. FBA Business In A Box offers to change all that. We create an asset, a business that generates income. Your car may be on your list of liabilities. If you stop working, would you still have the car? How many liabilities have you collected?

Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” explains the difference between assets and liabilities. He wrote, “An asset puts money in your pocket,” and “A liability takes money out of your pocket.” Assets generate income while you own it. A piece of gold, while good for protection, is not necessarily an asset. It doesn’t generate income and, depending on how much of it you have, it may cost money to store it and secure it from theft. When you sell it, you make a mild profit but not nearly enough to survive on the growth. And even if it was, you would have to sell your gold in order to take your profit. Then if you take the same principle and buy gold again, you get less gold because the price went up. “FBA Business In A Box” is better than gold. We create an income-generating asset; like a golden goose laying golden eggs.

Getting Through The Hard Part

The hardest part about getting into business is creating something out of nothing, so we create a business for you. We start the LLC, website, bank account, and branded label. But To collect money from anyone, you need to offer them something of value at a reasonable price. That’s the key to success in business. We help you develop that valuable thing by doing the product selection and sourcing. Then we set up a path from the internet into your bank account so you can collect money for it.

The great thing about physical products is that you can buy something for $10 today, sell it for $20 tomorrow, then turn around and buy it again for $10 the next day. Unlike investing in gold or stocks, where, when the value goes up, you sell it, but you can’t buy it back with the same money you originally invested because the stock or the gold is now more expensive. We build you a business and do the research to develop a valuable product. We build a brand, create a blog on a website, and source the branded product for you. The finished product is a business. The only thing there is for you to do is to purchase you inventory and advertise it.

More education won’t make you prepared

Should we sell you an education course to teach you what to do? Seems like a waste of time and money for you. You’re not going to start businesses very often. Many different skills are required to start a business. Most of these skills have nothing to do with the business you want to start, unless your getting into graphic design or internet advertising. Simply continue doing what you’re good at. Let “FBA Business In A Box” deliver the business infrastructure so you can make money at it.

Start collecting assets today and you will thank yourself later. Do what you’re good at, but while you are doing that, focus on building your assets. That’s where we come in. When Robert Kiyosaki suggests to purchase assets; then he says a house probably isn’t one, most people go blank. Assets? What is an asset? How do I get it? The stock market? OK sure. Let’s take a look at the stock market for the last couple years. Could you have predicted the opportune moments to buy and sell stocks, what stocks you would you have sold, and what amount would have been safe for your investment account.

If anything, you may have bought bitcoin. Not exactly a genius move. Considering it has no intrinsic value, Bitcoin relies on “the greater fool” theory to increase in value. With the stock market, you could hire a professional, but they’re going to take a large percentage, if not all of your profit. That is, if you make nothing or lose money, they’ll still charge for their “services”. For a one-time charge, we will set up a business that will pay you for years. We except credit cards. So will your supplier. If you’re already deep in debt, buy an asset and let the asset pay your way out of debt.

Don’t use your credit card for things that will only cost you money out of your paycheck. Use your credit to buy this business asset and to buy the inventory you will need. Inventory is also an asset. Then you would have two assets. Want more assets? Buy more inventory. We can build another business for you; a whole new product under a different brand. You’d have two businesses and all you’d have to do is provide the product and advertise it.

Generate different streams of passive income using the Amazon FBA business model among others proven business models. You can make much more income on Amazon than anything you’re going to get from the stock market. When say you can buy a product for five dollars, and you can see it’s selling on Amazon for $25, you can invest your money safely. If you create a brand and produce the product, you have an asset that’s worth far more than you paid. Not to mention, you own the brand so, even without inventory you could sell the business and let someone else pay for their own inventory and advertising to keep it going.

What To Expect

If we told you that you could make thirty grand a month selling a spatula on Amazon, you might love to hear that but Amazon FBA is not a get rich quick scheme. This is a tried and true business model that will grow overtime and generate more and more income.

Plenty of internet scams claim to “educate” you about “how to make money”. Very rarely will you find someone who has a proven record of success in business and is willing to start a business for you. Do you see how this opportunity is different from education? Do you see that we set up a business for you? The most common business we are hired to start for our customers is Amazon FBA. We do everything needed for you to start making money. We even find a product for you and help you source the product. Amazon has 40 million credit cards on file. When we send your product to you, you send it to Amazon 200 at a time. They store it, ship it, and handle returns. The best part about it, is that your product qualifies to be listed on “Amazon Prime”. Guaranteed 2-day shipping to your customers.

Amazon sends you a check every two weeks just like your job. You don’t ship anything to customers. The biggest benefit is that you will have our team behind you. We will coach you as you go. We connect one-on-one with each customer. Stop buying education products and video courses. The learning curve is almost nonexistent. What we offer you is a fully functioning business for. Call today, let’s talk.

What You Will Need

You need assets. Your car, your house, even your job could be lost in an instant. If you are like most people, you would be ruined. Business works differently. Maybe one customer doesn’t like you anymore and decides not to use you, it doesn’t matter because there are millions of other customers. No individual could fire you like a job. Furthermore, when you quit a job you get a final paycheck, but when you’re done with your business you can sell it for a large sum of money. After taking income for however long, you sell the business and generate a large nest egg so that you can invest in whatever is next.

Often times Amazon will buy your brand from you. It doesn’t get any easier than that. The problem is that you might not know how to build a blog or write one. You probably don’t know how to build a website or brand a product. You may not know how to source the product at a profitable price for resale. Maybe you have tried and failed. You need the right team of experts backing you up, so hire us.

Business 101, Don’t Do Everything Yourself.

This is one thing that you can do for yourself to create a better life and not cost yourself money later. A small sacrifice now, sets you up for a lifetime of income. You will be in business. The owner of a brand. Don’t wait any longer and don’t waste more money on “education“ from people who aren’t doing it themselves or providing real value to you. We start Amazon businesses for people. It’s what we do all day every day. We don’t educate people how to do it. I don’t explain how it’s done. We are an action company. We are an asset company. We are not an educator. 99% educators online are fake. What they have seems valuable because you didn’t think of it before. It’s only a ploy, most of them require a bunch of software and website memberships. There’s no guarantee of getting your money back. Get your credit card out and call us at 844-666-4322. Even starting small, these businesses works. You will find a lot of willing buyers for a properly branded business later on. So call us and get your business started, rather than paying for “education”.

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